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Chapter 16

  • Liliana's pov:-
  • My head was still stuck at the word 'girlfriend', how could those bimbos call me his girlfriend? And even if I'm his girlfriend, why should I tell them? Who the fuck are they to question our relationship?!
  • Well, I wasn't his girlfriend yet and I wasn't planning to be either. I had no time for boyfriend-girlfriend shit, I had dreams and I had to complete them before being in a relationship.
  • I seriously didn't like the idea of being in a relationship before the accomplishment of goals.
  • First of all, your focus should be on your career. And when you feel like you are at the peaks of your career, you can consider dating. That's what an ideal life is! Everything has a phase, and we should live according to that.
  • I'm in my teens where I should give my priority to my study, health, and my goals. I'm not a dream girl of anyone, I'm a dreamy girl who has so many dreams, and I belong to my dreams only.
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