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Chapter 91

  • Liliana's pov :
  • "Girls, I may look like a funny and cool guy but I'm the smartest guy you would ever come across." Alex rubbed his hair, shooting a smirk our way. "I know what you girls are planning to do but let me clear one thing that I'm not doing any relationship now. I want to live a peaceful life with no shit of girl."
  • Fiona was terrible at holding something in her tummy. The way she was repeatedly faint praising Hannah, it was obvious that he would get a hint.
  • We thought that all of his friends were dating so he would also get the feeling of dating someone but the scene was different there. Perhaps one bad experience was enough for him to never fall for anyone.
  • "Look, Alex! At some point, you'll get rid of that pain but for that, you have to move on. Who knows she might help you forget that bitch," Barbie shrugged off.
  • "I've already moved on from her and if you won't tell that tiny girl then I have to tell her that I'm not interested in her so she won't have any hopes from me," he disclosed roughly.
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