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Chapter 15

  • Jason's pov :
  • My eyes froze at her and I shamelessly stared at Lia with wide eyes. She narrowed her eyes at Emily and opened her mouth to say something but I was pretty sure she wouldn't say, she would punch her or maybe slap her for judging her.
  • Lia was good at beating people and I loved seeing her slapping and punching people. Perhaps I was being a jerk to like stupid things but I loved it. I loved to see her boldness and confident smile.
  • She always lets her actions speak rather than her words and that's what makes her bold.
  • "Emily, who…" she opened her mouth and here I was again wrong about her, Emily didn't wait for her to finish her words, she just left the spot so quickly.
  • I cleared my throat, "ahem! you didn't tell me that it was our first date. Otherwise, I would have been prepared, you know bringing flowers and gifts and all," I shrugged and stifled my giggle.
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