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Chapter 55

  • Liliana's pov :
  • "You don't even know how much I love you, I can't afford to lose you, Lia! Please, forgive me! Slap me, punch me, or kill me but don't leave me alone like this! You are my everything, when you said I LOVE YOU to him, my heart wanted it to be a lie, it felt like someone stabbed my heart with a very sharp knife. And then you declared that you love him so much when I asked, I felt broken and my heart was sinking," he loosened the grip on my wrists and removed his hand from my mouth.
  • The way he reacted that time, I hated him, I seriously hated him. All my feelings and love for him vanished from my heart, I never thought that he would accuse me of cheating on him. I was a badass, blunt, and tomboy but I wasn't a cheater. He showed me that he didn't trust me, and that was enough for me to leave him because I never trusted someone in my entire life but when I trusted him, I expected the same from him.
  • "Why are you not saying something? Please, say something, baby!" And there he again started being a sweet talker. It was so hard to forgive him, and it was difficult for me to forget his harsh words either.
  • "Don't baby me! Why am I not speaking?" My eyebrows raised in fury. "You just care about yourself, Jay! You are selfish, you are not the only one who was hurt, everyone has their battles with life and relationships but nobody behaves like you."
  • I couldn't see his puppy face anymore, I had to break the silence and tell him that I was also a human being and I had also a heart that had so many feelings for him but he didn't care about that.
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