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Chapter 28

  • Liliana's pov :
  • George and Fiona were staring into each other's eyes with rage on their faces. Whenever a boy and a girl stare into each other's eyes, it means to be a lovely and romantic moment but in their case, it was different.
  • "I guess George will be silent as always, he never says anything when Fiona mocks him, what do you say, Alex?" Jason spoke while stroking his chin with his thumb and index finger.
  • I looked at everyone in dismay, I couldn't believe that they were finding fun in that situation. Jason noticed me rolling my eyes.
  • He immediately made a puppy face. "Oh! I'm sorry! I haven't introduced you to my friends yet, this is Alex," he pointed towards the green-eyed guy, "and this gentleman is Theo," he indicated to the wavy-haired boy.
  • "I'm also a gentleman, Jay," Alex grimaced in annoyance. Everyone ignored him as if he didn't even say anything and they were deaf.
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