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chapter 115 The End

  • Jason's pov :
  • It was difficult to control my smile, only I knew how she acted after getting drunk, I was the only one who could understand that language and I was feeling blessed to be that only one.
  • Lia was back again, and this time, I wouldn't let her go. I was all ready to fight with anyone for her and the one thing I learned after my mom's confession was that sometimes, you needed to be strong enough to fight for both of you when your partner wasn't in a good condition.
  • Now I had the reason to live, I was feeling better again and suddenly, all the pieces of my broken heart got back into good shape and it was filled with so much strength that I forgot about my pain.
  • Just the news about her comeback gave me the energy to deal with anything. I couldn't care less about the obstacles or problems we would face in the future, all I cared about was my girl, how to console her and make her happy!.
  • Leaving my car near the door, without caring about parking it, I just opened the door and didn't bother to close it before running inside the room.
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