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chapter 114 Ex wife

  • Jason's pov :
  • We were sitting in my mom's cabin, I couldn't tell her about Lia and my break up yet. I was waiting to know what she wanted to tell me.
  • "Jay, please, promise me that you won't react before listening to the end!" My mom broke the awkward silence and I just nodded. He didn't know that I wasn't in the condition to react.
  • "Asher and I haven't been together since you got into that accident, we got divorced the next week and he got married to another girl," she exhaled a long breath and closed her eyes as if trying to evaluate the next words she was going to utter.
  • "No, no, no!" I shook my hands in disbelief and covered my face with my hands. "It can't be the truth. You two were perfect together, my dad can't do this."
  • Mom swallowed a lump in her throat and cleaned her cheeks, drying the tears. "I didn't ask you to be strong for nothing. Do you wanna know our story?"
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