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Chapter 9 Arriving At The Church

  • A flutter at my bedroom door gets my attention, and I see Mirabelle saunter in with a beaming smile on her face. This makes me want to break down, and I felt light at the same time; everyone is expecting me to be okay with this, but I am not. I know this needed to be done, but yet again I am everyone’s second choice.
  • “Elena, darling!” she exclaims, taking in my wedding attire with her eyes filling up with unshed tears. “You look beautiful, my dear. This dress altogether compliments your body well.”
  • I genuinely smile at her compliment. Ever since I found out she preferred me to my sister, I have been seeing a different side to her. She certainly wanted me to be with Sebastian, but cared about my happiness as well and felt it lay with her son.
  • In the weeks leading up to the wedding, Mirabelle and I spent a great deal of time together. She explained what they would demand of me as a Dumont wife and how the public would look upon me as Mrs Sebastian Dumont. The advice she gave me was invaluable and I would always be beholden to her.
  • Mirabelle felt more like a mother to me than my own.
  • “Thank you, Mirabelle,” I answer with a crack to my voice and understood that I was close to tears. There was a discomfort in my chest from holding in my emotions throughout the morning. Then finding out that my beloved grandmother’s necklace was never going to be given to me. At all.
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