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Chapter 33 A Day Out With Sebastian

  • “If those reports are not on my desk by the time I get to the office, we will have to rethink your position, Agatha.” I listen to Sebastian as his phone rings for the millionth time. They needed him in every aspect of his job as a CEO, and he made it look so easy. I never realised it before, but my husband was an incredibly busy man. And yet, somehow, he always made time for me. Not just today, but before when he would pop home to bicker with me for some unknown reason.
  • The thought alone makes me smile and I move over to his side of the car, straddling him. There was no other way to cuddle in the Phantom because of the middle barrier, so I took advantage of this.
  • Sebastian looks up at me with wide eyes and I lean down to nuzzle him while planting gentle kisses on his neck. He stifled a groan, and I smiled against his skin. “Thank you, I will see you then,” He says ending the call, and I knew I was going to get it.
  • He pushes the button to block the partition glass and pulls my head up. “Are you trying to distract me while I am working, petite pâquerette?” He asks me in a low voice that went straight to my core.
  • “Maybe…” I start, “I truly hate being ignored.” Batting my eyes at him, but all he does is spank my bottom and move me over to my seat. I look at him with a wounded expression, but he just chuckles. “I would love nothing more than to take you in this car, Elena. But you have to heal. I promise tonight I will show you exactly what your bratty behaviour almost made me do.” He says and winks at me, then his cell phone rings again, but before he answers it, he gives me a hungry kiss that satisfies me for the moment.
  • 30 minutes later, we reach Camden and arrive outside a high end restaurant. Wow, gourmet for breakfast? I was just in the mood for a yummy omelette.
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