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Chapter 55 My Kin

  • Sebastian
  • With bated breath, I wait until the door opens. As soon as the doctor walked out, his eyes fell on me and a grim look crossed his face.
  • No. Please no! I step back, thinking the worst possible thing… Was she gone?
  • He walks towards me and folds his hands in front of him. “Mr Dumont?” He asks, and I nod. “I am Dr Harris and I oversaw the surgery on your wife… she was in an incredibly terrible crash that could have been fatal, were it not for the type of vehicle she was in and the fact that your driver swerved in time. She has multiple broken ribs that just missed her internal organs, the force of impact crushed her legs and will require multiple surgeries and physio to correct them. She is also severely concussed and we fear some damage has occurred. We have done an MRI on her and are currently awaiting her results. The next 48 hours will be crucial, Mr Dumont. We are hoping she does not slip into a coma in that time, but rest assured, she is under the best care here.” Dr Harris tells me but all I get from that was that my Elena was alive!
  • “Thank you, doctor, I appreciate it.” I say, eternally thankful for saving my wife. “And my child? How is he?” I ask, needing to know if both my kin are safe. When a smile crosses his face, my heart soared. “Your baby is safe and in good health. We have placed him in an incubation chamber in her private ward. Would you like to see them?” He asks and I swear I could have hugged him right there! He saved the loves of my life, and I was not eternally in his debt. I chastise myself at this sliver of hope because Elena was not out of the woods yet, but clung to the fact that she was still here. He leads me one room over and opens the door.
  • My heart breaks at the sight before me; Elena with tubes coming out of her, her legs raised in plaster and her fire… gone. A tear slips down my cheek as I take her in and slowly walk towards her. My Elena, my little daisy and the love of my life. I lift her hand in mine and kiss it, noting how warm she felt when it reached my lips. “Elena…” I breathed out, sobbing as I held her hand. How could this happen? I made sure everything was safe, made sure no harm could possibly come to her, and yet she was almost ripped from my grasp.
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