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Chapter 24 Admissions and First Editions

  • Elena
  • We have arrived in London, and I forgot it was winter over here.
  • The drive back to the villa in Kensington has my stomach in knots and I am fraught with nerves. Ilse will be so upset with me! She will give me that disapproving look until she was ready to forgive me, and I do not blame her.
  • Sebastian has not uttered another word to me, and I don’t know if I was thankful for the silence or disappointed. His phone rings as we near the villa, “Sebastian,” he answers his phone monotonously, and I am left wondering again what type of boss he was. “No, I haven’t forgotten about the dinner, Sarah. I’ll be in the office in the next hour or two, bring the figures along and we can go over it while we wait for Darcy.”
  • Excuse me, what? Sarah, as in his mistress?
  • I couldn’t help myself and started eavesdropping terribly. “Yes, I am aware of the time. I said I would be in the office within the hour. If Darcy or his associates arrive before I do, keep them distracted. You are quite adept at doing that.” He continues his conversation and I feel the knot in my stomach twist even more. Gosh, I hope this wasn’t jealousy. “Thank you. I will see you soon.”
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