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Chapter 18 Sleeping Beauty and Her Sebastian

  • I take off my heels as soon as I enter the villa and breath a sigh of relief. My heart still felt heavy, but I could not allow it to hold me down any longer. As much as I hated it, I was essentially a married woman now and needed to act as such even if my husband did not.
  • “Ah, Mrs Dumont, you are home. Are you hungry?” Ilse asks me as I enter the kitchen area, but I shake my head. “I just came from brunch with a few friends, Ilse. I’ll be fine for a while. Do we have headache tablets? I am not feeling too well and would like to go have a lay down for a little while.” I say and I could see the worried frown that creased her brows.
  • I absolutely adored Ilse, she was like a mother to me in a strange home. She showed me the love and affection I had never received from my own mother. The warmth that matched the villa.
  • “Oh, dearie. I will get you something that’s non-drowsy. Go to your room and I will have it brought right up to you.” She says gently and offers me a warm smile which I had to return. I wrap my arms around her, “Thank you, Ilse.” I say, then saunter up to my bedroom.
  • Living with Sebastian had not been as bad as I originally thought it would be. He didn’t bother me and I stayed out of his way. But living past one another was taking its toll on me… I have to admit that I craved affection and conversation. From having Eliana and Nicholas around all day, to suddenly having no one. Ilse was kind and spoke to me, but it wasn’t the same. I felt isolated here. This villa was like a mansion when you had no one to talk to.
  • There was a knock on my door and I told whoever it was to enter; it was one of the helpers in the villa with a sealed paracetamol tablet and some orange juice. I thank her and she leaves with a fake smile plastered on her face. This made me chuckle. She was the girl that had a huge crush on Sebastian and tried to be nice to me, but her facial expressions gave her away.
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