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Chapter 21 The Rebellious Heiress Strikes Again

  • I get up from the couch and grab my things before heading back to my room. Sebastian had no emotion on his face when I made that remark. This was for the best, I knew it was. The two of us cannot grow closer, not when my freedom was only 5 years away. My studies and my new life lay across the ocean, not in this villa where I felt trapped.
  • Passing Sebastian’s room, I see that he left it ajar and I could hear his shower going. My mind goes back to his well built body that I spied this morning and I groan inwardly. This attraction would never be extinguished unless I did something about it. He needed to despise me again, go back to calling me fat and screwing his employees.
  • Wait, what? Did I really want him to go back to that woman?
  • I sat down on my bed and an idea came to mind, so I grabbed the laptop on my bedside table. This villa felt like an endless snow in prison, so I will escape to some place sunny. I looked up different places to visit where it would be sunny in February and found The Canary Islands to be a perfect fit.
  • Lush beaches and gorgeous forests, it would be ideal for a breakaway, so I booked a ticket to leave tomorrow. Would I tell anyone? That answer would be a resounding NOPE.
  • I saunter towards my walk-in and grab one piece of luggage that would not be too heavy for me to sneak out tomorrow. I would buy a new wardrobe when I arrive there, so it should be easy. Packing some essentials and a toiletry bag, I stuff it underneath my bed and feel excited for the first time in ages
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