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Chapter 34 Touchy - Feely Nicholas

  • Why was he looking at me like that?
  • Annabelle was chatting away, and she was clearly in love, yet his eyes were on me. I offer him a kind smile, then break his gaze and focus on the man sitting opposite me. Sebastian sounds like he was putting out yet another fire at Dumont Enterprises, his voice was low but extremely firm.
  • “I’m so sorry about that, love.” He says as he pockets his phone and looks at me.
  • “Duty calls, I understand.”
  • The more I watch him, the more I fall in love. “Well, that was Irene, my PA. My day isn’t too busy, but I have moved the meeting with The Somersetts to 8 am this morning, and that’s,” he says as he looks at his Patek Philippe timepiece, “in half an hour’s time so we had better finish up here if you wish to see your husband in action.” He finishes with a wink that made me giggle.
  • I am feeling all giddy inside and polish off my breakfast. “You are certain you want to spend the day with me, Elena?” Sebastian asks as he calls for the bill, and I frown at him. “Of course I am. I cannot stay cooped up in the villa for another day longer! How will I find my calling if I don’t venture out into the world? Who knows, I might like the corporate world.” I say confidently and hear him chuckle.
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