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Chapter 27 Coffee Shop Blues

  • A pair of blue eyes regard me with curiosity and a dimpled smile, and I could do nothing but smile as my self esteem drops once more. I must look crazy to this beautiful newcomer.
  • I shake my head. “No, I have a bit too much on my mind to read at the moment. Came here to take my mind off things but the silence just fills my head with more questions.” Okay, why was I telling this absolutely gorgeous blonde-haired Adonis everything?
  • As he stood up and walked towards me, I noticed that he was actually quite tall, had long blonde hair that was not tied up and was dressed in all black; the same as me.
  • “May I join you?” he asks me and I gesture to the chair in front of me. “Please do,” I answer, grateful for the company.
  • He sits opposite me and I get a whiff of his cologne, one I could not quite place. It wasn’t as sexy and overwhelming as Sebastian’s, but it would definitely remain in your senses.
  • I lace my fingers underneath my chin and look at him. “What brings you to this quiet side of Camden Town?” I ask him as I pick up my cup. He sits back in his chair and I see something flash in his eyes. But then it was gone.
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