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Chapter 59 Secrets

  • Isaac
  • As soon as I step out of Elena's hospital room, the flamboyancy leaves my body and the smile drops from my face. I walk down the halls until I reach the exit and get into my Mercedes. Then I pull out my cell phone. " Still nothing, but it's as we suspected. Attempted murder and from what I've overheard between Dumont and Somersett, there have been numerous attempts on Dumont's life over the last few months." The Scottish accent immediately drops as my usual Cockney one takes over. I give my report to my superior on the other end and await his response.
  • "Hm, and you're positive this was not the Thompson woman's doing? She did try before." The voice comes from the other end, but I shake my head to no one in particular. "No, Thompson was way too clumsy to attempt something like this. This goes deep into the older families. I'll report back when I find out more. They all trust me.” I say as the burning in my chest starts again, but I push it down. I cannot allow this to interfere with my mission.
  • “Good. Has she regained her memories?”
  • “No, she has not, but she's remembering more as she progresses,” I say, recalling Elena's endearment earlier. A huff comes from the other end. “ Good. Don't screw this up again, MacGowan.” Then the call dies, and I am left staring at the phone.
  • The mission was simple; get close to Elena Dumont and do not allow anything to happen to her until we find out who was behind the murdering of the upper-class elite. I failed the first mission, even though I weeded Anabelle out of her life . I never expected it to be Anabelle, but someone closer to Elena and since she has not made an appearance since they admitted her sister, she was looking guiltier by the day.
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