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Chapter 29 Complete and Utter Surrender

  • Sebastian
  • I wait idly as Elena battles her inner voice. What would her answer be? I laid my heart bare for her. Now all I needed was for her to decide if she would allow my feelings for her to grow or wither.
  • She looks up at me, her beautiful blue eyes gleaming with unshed tears and I realise there that Elena wasn’t just pushing me away before, she was pushing away what she was feeling for me. She shakes her head, “I don’t want you to leave. Sebastian. I am done fighting this, I am done with it. Every day I wake up with this ache in my chest that I cannot ease, the ache in me that you can only fill.” She says, repeating my earlier admission to her. “You echoed my feelings perfectly when you said that and I realise now that I am being selfish by telling you to go back to how we were in the past. You have done so much for me, even though I behave like a spoilt brat at times.”
  • This made me smile, a bittersweet one, but a smile nonetheless. She wanted to move past this and start acting on her feelings, the same as me.
  • “Are you certain, Elena? There will be no turning back after this, no leaving me for the States.” I ask her, not wanting her to feel pressured as I stood there with my hand on the back of her neck, caressing her hair. She shakes her head, “I don’t want us to go back after this. I’m yours, Sebastian, and I am willing to walk this road with you, even if it is after five years.”
  • I’m not sure what it is about this admission of hers, but my mouth was on hers and I claim her again, this time as my wife and companion. She moans lightly into the kiss, and the sound, which was innocent to her, ignited my desire to a fierce peak. Elena had no idea what she did to me, no idea how her touch, her kiss, drove me into a lust filled state of furore.
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