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Chapter 32 Thoughts On The Future

  • After our shower, I wrap a towel around myself, and Sebastian grabs one as well. I dry my body and suddenly feel very self conscious while doing this normal thing because his eyes were on me. Willing him to look away, I dry my hair and hear him sigh.
  • “You know, there is no need to sleep in separate rooms any longer,” he muses as he dries himself off and my eyes go to him. It made me think, though; was I ready to sleep in the same room as him, share everything including a bathroom and closet?
  • Heck yes, I was.
  • I smile. “We can arrange for my things to be moved over to your room today, unless there’s a room in this villa with a larger walk-in?” I ask him as a joke but then catch the naughty smile on his face and I raise my eyebrow. “Oh my gosh, there is, isn’t there?”
  • He chuckled. “Of course there is. We can have the staff move things over today, unless you would want to wait for a while?” he asks, a little defeated, but I shake my head. “I am ready for this marriage, Sebastian, and to start my life with you. There’s no need for us to be separated,” I answer and catch the shy smile on his face. Oh, Sebastian can get shy? I shall file this little tidbit away for later use.
  • I give him a peck on his cheek and head towards my walk-in, contemplating what I would wear today. Eternally thankful for the heat in the closet as it was pelting down with rain and it just looks miserable outside.
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