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Chapter 35 The Merger and Unwanted Thoughts

  • Sebastian opens the door leading into the boardroom and I brace myself as my eyes fall on the blonde haired, blue eyed Adonis sitting at the table. He turns his head and looks at my husband with an impassive stare - until his eyes fall on me.
  • Surprise registers on his face as he takes me in, and I could feel the anger bristling from Sebastian while he leads me inside. “I hope you haven’t been waiting long, Elijah, Isla.” He shakes Elijah’s hands as well as Isla’s. I look at Sebastian’s ex love and notice the longing in her eyes as she stared at him.
  • “Not at all, Sebastian. I am sure you wish to get this over with; as am I. So, let us start.” Elijah says in an all business-like voice, not the carefree voice he presented to me in the coffee shop.
  • “Very well. I hope you won’t mind my wife sitting in on this meeting. She wishes to gain some corporate knowledge and what better way to start than with a merger of Britain’s most powerful companies?” Sebastian says as he looks at me with so much pride that I blush. Elijah nods at this. “Certainly. Now, Sebastian…”
  • The meeting lasted a better part of THREE. FRIGGING. HOURS.
  • Good God, I had a feeling that Sebastian was good at negotiating, but it did not prepare me for this; every counter Elijah had, Sebastian had a better deal. Every hypothesis Elijah brought up, Sebastian squashed, and it went back and forth like this. Testosterone was thick in the room as the two Alpha males battled it out in a debate of wits.
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