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Chapter 12 Eliana, Marriages and Caught In The Act

  • Eliana beams at me when I turn to face her, my twin sister and double. I could not help myself; I threw my arms around her and inhaled her familiar Dior scent. “Eliana!” I gush, not being able to control my emotions upon seeing my sister. She was a little puffy on the face and her belly was showing, but she still had the same air of poise around her.
  • “I haven’t seen you in almost three months and you turn into a beautiful lady.” She jokes as she takes in my appearance and nods in appreciation. I give her a light slap on her arm, “You know as well as I do that this isn’t exactly how I expected my last few months in England to be.” I shot back a retort but then noticed her smile drop.
  • “Ah, I’m sorry, Eliana-”
  • “No, I deserved that and so much more,” she starts and takes my hands in hers. “Elena, I forced you into this life, and for that, I will be eternally in your debt. I did not expect the family to trade me for you if I had known that I would have rejected Sebastian’s proposal.”
  • I look at my sister and a wistful smile crosses my face. She was lying, I could tell. But why would she need to lie to me? We used to tell each other everything before Eliana felt the need to become secretive.
  • I return her smile and shake her head, “You had to follow your own happiness, Eliana. I applaud you for that. You and Robert have looked into the face of duty and spat in it.” I say with a laugh, “And if the both of you are happy, then I am happy. I will have to make this marriage work, whether I want to or not as duty calls for it. I have forgiven you, Eliana. You can rest easy.”
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