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Chapter 47 Death In The Family

  • Sebastian
  • The air is thick with mourning. And sick curiosity.
  • Elena and I are leading the funeral procession as we leave the church for the cemetery. She has been quiet ever since we came back from Paris and I have to admit that it was jarring. Where our villa used to be filled with her voice and laughter, now there was… nothing. I know it has to do with not making peace with my mother before the accident. Elena has a soft heart, so this is affecting her more than it has me. I have never had a proper relationship with my parents, but they doted on Elena, my mother even more so.
  • When we arrive at the cemetery, I lace my fingers with hers and hold her close. The Dumont tomb isn’t too far into the cemetery and we reach it sooner than I anticipated. My eyes fall on Robert and Eliana as they take up the front with me. Robert looked crushed at this. And I know he wasn’t faking it because Eliana has said he has been hitting the whiskey harder than usual. Our eyes meet and I see nothing behind his own but pain. I never knew that he and my father were that close, which just goes to show how close I was with him. I almost knew nothing of Spencer Dumont. He only taught me from a young age how to be business savvy and I must say I was thankful for his tutelage. Without my father’s lessons instilled in me, I wouldn’t be where I was right now. I send up a thankful prayer to him and God for giving me a father as amazing as him.
  • The preacher takes center stage in front of the tomb and starts his sermon as my parents’ caskets get wheeled inside and placed in their respective slots. I held Elena close and felt her body tremble with sobs and as soon as the pastor ended his sermon and the tomb closed, Elena fell to the ground and a loud wail emanated from her. Oh, love! I held her as she continued to sob. “I didn’t make amends, Sebastian! I didn’t apologise and now I will never get the chance to!” She exclaims and what else could I do but comfort my wife as she let out her pain. “Shhh, my love. It’s okay, It’s okay, Mother knew, she knew but she was just stubborn.” I tell her and Elena looks up at me. “Really?” she asks, looking so small.
  • I nod sadly, it was true. My mother planned to invite us over for supper when we got back and apologise to Elena in person. I tell her this, and it seems to make her sob even louder. “I’m so sorry, Mirabelle!” she calls out and I continue to stroke her hair and kiss it while whispering assurances. I looked up and caught Eliana’s eye. She seemed shocked at her sister’s mourning, but then again I understood why. My mother never liked Eliana when we were together. Robert, on the other hand, has sat down and is currently sobbing silently, understanding Elena’s tears all too well.
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