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Chapter 11 Stiff Wedding Reception

  • I hold on to Sebastian’s arm as he leads me inside Dumont Hall. I notice that all our guests have arrived before us and frowned. Did Sebastian tell his chauffeur to take us the long way around or something?
  • Seeing all these people here made me start to freeze up again, and I grip Sebastian’s arm tightly. He stares down at me, “Is something the matter?” He asks in that uppity tone of his and I roll my eyes into oblivion, “Just nerves,” I admit, but refuse to make eye contact with him, not after what transpired in the limousine.
  • “Well, I am afraid you will have to get used to the public eye, petite pâquerette. You are my wife now, so all eyes will be on you from now on, Lady Dumont.” Sebastian says with a smirk and my heart skips a beat at his impeccable French. Of course, his family had their roots in France.
  • Dumont
  • But why did he refer to me as a little daisy? I was very far from delicate or a lady, that was more my sister. My mother always referred to me as the rebellious heiress, where Eliana was the lady. This shift in how I would need to portray myself had my head in a spin. How do I change my personality overnight?
  • Oh, he called me his wife. I was Sebastian Dumont’s wife. Lord help me.
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