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Chapter 25

  • Alanis POV
  • Luna Kate is extremely kind and answers all of my questions. I know I must be asking a thousand questions about who and what we are. What type of wolves and what kind of power do we have? I know all of this is like having a child asking her a million questions, but I need to know. I thought I knew who my parents were, but now I find out the wolves that raised me were not my parents. It is a lot to take in at once, but Luna Kate is trying to help me through it as we go through her pack records.
  • "You can trace your family here, see," Luna Kate says as she points to a wolf record from her pack.
  • "So your pack is here with your husband's pack?"  I inquire.
  • "Yes, it is complicated, but we are all here on one territory. At least for now. It is not working out all that great. Our wolf pack is quite arrogant and selfish. You are not like that, I can see, but many of us are. I was at one time. I had a hard time. I almost lost my husband and my children, but I found my way, and you will too," Luna Kate says.
  • I look at the door to see Luna, Kate's daughter, at the door again. She has peeped in on us several times. "She is intrigued with you because you are like her. She can heal wolves and so much more. She has a gift like yours, Alanis. You have to learn to use it correctly," Luna Kate says.
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