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Chapter 28

  • Alanis POV
  • Alpha Sebastian holds my hand as we ride in the backseat of the truck. I look up at him occasionally. I want to ask him how he knew her, but it should not be something I am worried about right now. The only thing I should be worried about right now is meeting my parents. I have so many questions for them, but instead, I am riding in the truck scared and worried that my amazing husband is interested in another woman.
  • Luna Kate looks back at me; she touches my hand, then smiles at me. Her eyes beam with happiness for me. "Let it go. It is nothing. Relax your mind and just listen," Luna Kate says.
  • I give her a small smile and try to communicate with her in my mind. I relax and listen. I can hear her, but more importantly, I can listen to Alpha Sebastian. I can listen to his worry for me. I can hear his love in his mind, and it is all for me. I slide closer to him and let go of all my anxiety about Conrad and his soon-to-be wife.
  • We pull into a small cabin. There are several cabins lined up, and I can see a stream running behind the cottages. I notice one cabin is unused and looks rundown. "Before we go into the cabin, prepare yourself. I do not know how they will react. They are anti-elite wolves, and you are one of the wolves that terrify wolves like your parents. I understand. It is a scary situation, but wolves like you, like me, and like my daughter, we can all control our powers. Now, some elites have gone bad, very bad, but I know, Alanis, that you will be a great elite wolf, and I hope they see it too.
  • "I am ready for this," I say softly.
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