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Chapter 29

  • Luna Kate POV
  • I watch Luna Alanis as we leave. I can feel her worry for her Alpha and for the mother she does not even know. She seems to feel so much, and that is terrifying. Her elite powers could grab ahold of that worry and produce something so volatile that no one would be able to help her. I have got to help her fine-tune her gifts and make the best out of this situation she finds herself in right now.
  • "Tell me about her," Alanis says in almost a whisper.
  • What do I tell her? "That is complicated, Alanis. The elite wolves and the Imperial wolves have a bizarre relationship. We all belong to the same pack, but the two are very different. Wolves, like you and my daughter, are strong and have so many abilities that it scares the hell out of everyone. Your mother was afraid of you and your abilities. She thought by sending you that far away that she could save you. The thought of sending a child away makes me angry. Alanis, I cannot be angry. I cannot give in to that rage that almost cost me my family. That is why it is hard for me to talk about your parents," I say to her. Her eyes widen.
  • "I understand. Maybe it is best that I do not know Jasmine and that my father is dead. I hate to say that or even feel that, but my parents. The ones that raised me, those are the ones that I love and will cherish. I guess maybe Jasmine and Walter are not important after all," Alanis says.
  • I am happy to hear her coming to terms with it, but there is one thing I am forgetting. Her parents were important enough for someone to kill one and take the other before she could meet them, and I want to know why.
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