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Chapter 15

  • Chapter 15
  • Alpha Sebastian
  • I take Liam and a few guards with me, leaving Julian and Alanis in the hands of some of my most trusted wolves. I know Julian can defend herself, but I worry about Alanis. The men with them will protect them and look after them, but I still do not want to leave either of them for very long.
  • Liam drives to the pack jail where Alpha Jordon is waiting for me with his wolves. Liam looks nervous. He has come for Joshua and Alanis. Alpha Jordon thinks he can walk into my territory and bark orders he has another thing coming to him. He will not be taking my wife or that asshole, Joshua. Joshua has to pay for what he did, and I want to make sure of it personally.
  • Liam looks more nervous as he drives. He always looks worried, but he seems exceptionally uneasy right now. I do not have time to babysit young wolves today. I need Liam on his game.
  • "What happened when Jordon showed up at the jail exactly?" I ask him, trying to get him talking.
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