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Chapter 6

  • Alanis POV
  • Julian shows me so much patience and kindness. Everyone here has been extremely kind. I have not felt anything like this since before Alpha Raymond took me. Being around everyone is hard, but I am trying to figure it out. I want to be a part of the pack. I want to make this my home.
  • "Alanis, honey, Alpha Sebastian is here to see you," Julian calls out to me from the kitchen.
  • Alpha Sebastian has made it a regular occurrence to check on me every morning before he gets busy. He is kind and compassionate yet stern. I see so much of my pack in him. I walk out of the bedroom to greet him.
  • "Good Morning, Alpha Sebastian," I say softly.
  • Alpha Sebastian is very handsome. His long dark hair and scruffy beard make him look rugged and sexy. His deep voice is comforting when he speaks to me. His sweetness makes me look forward to seeing him every morning. This time with him is my favorite part of my day.
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