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Chapter 9

  • Alpha Sebastian
  • Something about seeing Alanis tonight, everything changed in an instant. I have enjoyed all the time I have spent with her since she has been here, but I thought I was only helping her. I never realized what was happening. How could I not have known that my mate was standing before me? Was I blind to it?
  • The moment I saw her tonight standing there in that purple dress, it triggered something inside me, and I knew right then and there that she was my one and only mate. She is the one for me to live out my days and embark on this journey of life. She is my mate, and I will make her happy, whatever it takes.
  • I could not help myself; I had to take her in my arms immediately and kiss her. I needed to feel her lips and touch her. I need her with me always. After tonight, I cannot be away from her. Just the thought of her not being close to me is more than I can take. I have no idea how to convince her to be mine, but I have to have her as my life partner.
  • I take her hand, and we leave Julian's house. Julian and Joshua went ahead of us. I can see the two of them walking across the field to my house and the celebration. As I hold her hand, all I can do is picture a life with her. I do not even want to go to the celebration. I only want to be with her.
  • "I drove over here, but we can walk if you like," I say to Alanis.
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