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Chapter 20

  • Chapter 20
  • Alanis POV
  • I look out and see a truck pulling up. One of the elders, Jolene, holds up her hand for me to wait. I stay still and watch from the window. Raul gets out of the truck and starts hollering for help. "Help!"
  • The elders rush out of the cabin to his aid. Jolene stays with me. "You are important and have to be protected. Please, wait with me until we know what is happening," she says to me.
  • I wait impatiently. If Alpha Sebastian is here for me, then I am ready to leave and be with him. I appreciate being here and being protected, but I long for my husband and to be with him.
  • There is a lot of noise coming from outside. I get up to look out the window again. I see Raul and several elders helping Alpha Sebastian. There is blood, so much blood. I gasp. I run past Jolene and out the door.
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