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Chapter 40

  • Luna Kate POV
  • I leave Luna Alanis behind, taking Belle and going home. Neither one of us want to leave her, but we need help to fight the dark enemy. Alanis can defeat him herself with the help of Belle, but we need the dark one occupied, and we have to ensure Alpha Sebastian's safety.
  • Belle and I get into our truck, and I take one last look at the house. I can feel her pain. As much as her pain hurts me, I can only imagine the way Belle feels right now. This ordeal with Alanis must be excruciating for her. The way Belle feels what is going on with other wolves is sometimes a burden for her and terrifying for me.
  • I drive away slowly, but when we get out of sight, I kick it into high gear and roll out of the wolf territory heading home as fast as possible. We make it to the interstate within the hour. Luna Alanis and Alpha Sebastian's pack is further away from the world than our pack. That is one reason we have to act fast. No one will know that Alanis is captive for a long time unless we help her.
  • Belle reaches over and takes my hand. I look down at her sweet face. "We will save her, Belle," I say to her.
  • Belle is distraught. "We have to save her and the little boy. He is my destiny," Belle says. What the hell does she mean by that. Her destiny, will they be friends? She cannot know who her mate is already, or does she? I cannot process all of this right now.
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