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Chapter 44

  • Luna Kate POV
  • 18 years later
  • We have guests coming today. Belle insists on having Aria a birthday party every year, but this year is special. Alpha Sebastian has decided to step down as Alpha, and Aria is taking his place at the tender age of 18. Belle is more excited for him than I think he is excited for himself.
  • Belle and Aria are best friends. The two are inseparable and have been since Aria was born. Best friends, and destined to be together. We all know, but we do not discuss it or push it. We let them lead the way on what is in their hearts. If the weeping wolf was right about the two of them, it will happen in its own time.
  • "Belle," I call out to her.
  • I need her help, but she is preoccupied with making sure she looks perfect today. She is perfect. She does not have to try. Her long black hair and dark olive skin make her look like a goddess.
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