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Chapter 40 Bonfire

  • She didn't come to the bonfire the next day, but she came to the one on the weekend after that. She didn't want to put herself around Tommy too often, it was still hard for her too. They both still felt the jitters when they sat side by side with each other, it was the only spot their friends left for her that night, right next to Tommy.
  • He can smell her soft cologne as she sits down. The sweet smell coming from the nape of her neck, the place where she most loves to be kissed. He cleared his throat, hugged his knees while nervously biting on the toothpick in the corner of his lips.
  • "Hi," she greeted him.
  • "Hey," he nodded.
  • She wore a dress with the skirt just above the knee. The fabric was light and loose. It hiked up when she sat, showing parts of her skin, glowing as the bonfire reflected on them. He tried not to look. He can smell the scent of her body lotion when she moves around beside him. He sucked on his beer bottle, hoping it could ease a little bit of his suffering.
  • Tommy spent most of the night quietly emptying his beer bottles, listening to the conversations between his friends and Charlie. Talking about school, Gastonburry, the place where she will be living for four years. Far from the kind of life he was going to live. She was drinking her beer, laughing at Ryan's dry jokes, listening to their nonsense like she was really interested in them. But she was, she listened, wherever she was, with whomever, she listened to them because she was fully present, she was their friend.
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