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Chapter 20 Meet Gregory Raven

  • He promised to tell her everything, but the one thing he wasn't ready for, was for Charlie to meet his father. The demon he kept hidden inside him, the source of his pain, the pathetic excuse of a man whom he feared all his life to be his mirror. His deepest fear was to end up like his father one day, he even believed that he might, until he met Charlie. He swore he would do whatever it takes to never be like him, not if he wants to keep Charlie in his life.
  • "I can't take you with me, Charlie, not today ... please ..." his hands trembled when she held them.
  • "It's okay, Tommy, you've told me how he is, I can handle it," she assured him.
  • He shook his head, "No ... I can't, not today, baby, please ..." he sounded like a wounded boy, pleading for help.
  • "I don't care how terrible he is, I know you're not like him ... you're not him, Tommy, I'm coming with you," she insisted. He took a deep breath, fidgeting on his seat.
  • "Promise me you'll stay away ... I don't want him to see you," he leaned his head against hers.
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