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Chapter 19 Memories Of Summer

  • The minute summer started in Blubridge, Charlie had pretty much left Gastonburry behind her. Her heart swelled in the warm summer breeze, she clung to that blue eyed boy, skin to skin, mouth to mouth, hand in hand, falling head over heels with each other like nothing else mattered. His thick red lips were driving her crazy, she just couldn't resist not kissing him all the time.
  • And he was dying of insecurities, knowing how deep he had fallen in love with her without a single thread of confidence that he was worthy of her love. He never knew love the way he knew it with Charlie, he never had anyone that could make him feel so happy just to be around them. He didn't have much to give her, but he would give her everything he's got.
  • He took her out on a picnic in his old beat up pick up truck. Under the Bluebridge sky, waiting for the sun to set. Out in the field, far from anyone and laid out picnic blankets on the back. They laid there and talked, ate sandwiches, drank beer. Just enjoying the breeze, half naked under the sun, sweating and getting their skin tanned.
  • At night, they gather with friends by the bonfire, goofing around, sharing crazy stories that Charlie loved so much, sometimes scary stories about the woods and what lurks in the night. Tommy spent almost all his earnings to take her to movies that made her quiver every time she talked about them, he loved watching her talk about the things she loved. He was eager to go back to work and make more money so he can take her places and possibly have a decent future for the both of them. At the same time, he was terrified to leave her to go back to her life without him.
  • They went swimming at the lake when the day got too hot, just the two of them. That was how Charlie liked it, she said it felt like the whole world belonged to them. "I love you ... have I told you that already?" she asked him in the lake.
  • "Not nearly enough ... tell me again," he said.
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