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Chapter 32 Prom

  • There's nothing more important to a 17 year old senior in high school than Prom Night. Even though she had to attend the event without a date, she was excited nevertheless. Kayla and her boyfriend, Brandon, were going to pick her up. They asked Brandon's best friend, Dylan, to drive. Dylan had had a crush on Charlene since 10th grade, it was going to be a night he will never forget.
  • She looked incredibly stunning in her pink champagne flower embroidered dress. The sleeveless transparent top fitted the outlines of her body, her medium cup sized breasts were enveloped under the flowers, almost naked in the corner of everyone's eyes. The wide cloaked skirt draped all the way to her ankle, right above her high heels shoes with a matching color. She made her hair into big wavy curls, and let them fall over her shoulders. She turned everyone's heads that night and almost made Dylan's heart stopped when he had the privilege to escort her into the venue.
  • No other girl looked better than her that night, they would all be talking about her dress at least until graduation day. She looked so beautiful that everyone wanted to look at her just to admire. Not having an official date did not stop her for having the best night. She danced and laughed, enjoyed the school band performances with her friends, and was never seen without someone to talk to all through the night. She was having a blast.
  • Her father gave her a curfew to be home at 12 midnight the latest, and she wasn't allowed to drink because Landon was not with her. Nonetheless, she had enough time to enjoy her prom to the fullest, unlike poor Dylan who seemed to be too nervous to enjoy the night in any way. He was busy 'watching' Charlene from a corner, too shy to dance with her even though she had asked him a few times.
  • "Are you sure you don't want to join us at the after party? Everyone's going to Evelyn Nash's house after this," Brandon asked. Kayla nudged him with her elbow, with her father's curfew, it was out of the question.
  • "I wish I could come ... but no ... don't want to get Dylan into trouble here," she said and looped her arm around Dylan's. He blushed.
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