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Chapter 13 Meanwhile In Goldstone

  • The Silver Tongue is one of the most popular clubs in Goldstone. The long queue to get into the bar every night was a view that some tourists would capture through their cameras, just to stand and take pictures of themselves in front of the club was a good enough experience for them. A huge silver neon tongue on top of the building can be seen from miles away. It is the center of the night life in Goldstone, and Goldstone is a city that never sleeps.
  • It's situated in a rather shady part of the city, but that never prevented anyone from going there and stood for hours just to get a taste of the Silver Tongue experience. Public figures went there as regulars, actors, actresses, celebrities, athletes, everyone who was Somebody in the city went there. They have a VIP lane to let their distinguished guests in, while Tom had a back door passage for delivering supplies regularly to the place.
  • Jeremy Stone had tried for years to be able to land a gig at The Silver Tongue. With the looks of it, he might just get it this summer. The second floor was an open stage for bands and singers to play unplugged for a quieter taste. The first floor is where they have varieties of entertainment ranging from light shows, DJ's, dancers, fire shows, anything that lights up the night and get the mojo going for all the visitors. The third floor was where the bedrooms were. They rented rooms for guests who needed them for whatever purposes, mostly casual sex, be it transactional or mutual, they rented the rooms by the hour.
  • The third floor was definitely illegal, but they covered it as an employees quarter. Every room had a TV, refrigerator, bathroom, a queen size bed, much like a hotel room with no windows and very minimal lighting. These rooms are not cheap due to the confidentiality agreement the guests had to agree upon renting, but most nights, the third floor generates the most money.
  • Tom took a stool at the bar, drinking a complimentary whiskey, smoking his cigarettes while waiting for Jeremy to finish his business with Bradley Thorne, the manager. Tom always gets free drinks whenever he is there.
  • A woman came up to the bar and sat on the stool next to him. A dark haired woman with heavy make-up in a skimpy dress. Her black wavy hair fell on her shoulders with the tips right above her bulging breasts. She took a cigarette from Tommy's pack and lit it up. She blew out the smoke through her crimson lips, her thick fake eyelashes blinked a few times amidst the smoke as she folded her arms on the bar counter.
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