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Chapter 10 That First Kiss

  • Everyday after school, she looked around to find him lurking behind a tree somewhere, but he wasn't there. She later found out from Samuel that he was working on some cabin in the woods. "Can you tell him I'm looking for him?" there was a hint of sadness in her voice.
  • The thing about Tommy was he sometimes disappeared for days without any news, and left her wondering if he was ghosting her. "Can you ask him if he's coming to the town's gathering this weekend? Because I'll be there, with my family too," she added. Samuel assured her, everyone in town will be there, including Tommy.
  • She was excited for the weekend, mostly because she hadn't seen Tommy for an entire week. She wasn't particularly excited to conceal her relationship from her parents, if it was even a relationship. Her father was officially going to be a very important figure in town, possibly their next Mayor. He was well known for his contribution to Bluebridge and the community, but to be elected as Mayor would be a major leap.
  • Literally everyone in town gathered at the Town Hall for the announcement. Even though the hall can only accommodate about 100 people, everyone else scattered outside the building in the bazaar area, the tents for dining areas, dancing, raffles, and other activities for the event. It was the first time Charlene ever attended an event like that.
  • She was seated in the front row alongside her mom and important town's people. The Mayor delivered a speech with praises for Bill Ludlow because he was the number one supporter of the new candidate as his tenure will soon expire.
  • Bill Ludlow was admired and well respected for his credibility, his success in his career and businesses, and also his family. His reputation was flawless, his influence in Bluebridge was vastly appreciated, it was a losing game for anyone to be his contender in the next election. The Mayor's office was already his.
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