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Chapter 44 Come Back To Me

  • Her mom told her to be away from the house as she was going to have 'the talk' with her dad. The first place she thought of going was the cabin. She put on her buttoned shirt and short pants and took off half running in her flip flops. It was not even seven in the morning when she knocked on the door. It took awhile until Tommy finally opened the door, shirtless and was still drowsy from being woken up.
  • His hair was messy, his eyes were barely opened, his thick red lips were plumped from just waking up. He rubbed his face as he opened the door. "Charlie? What are you doing here so early?" His chest hair was unshaven, his six pack was neat and clean. Clearly, he'd been keeping in shape even when he was not working. His boxer hung on his pelvis bones just enough to cover the top of his roots. He was drop dead gorgeous.
  • She pushed him inside, closed the door behind her. She looped her arms around his neck. In an instant, he knew, she was coming back to him. He pushed her against the door and kissed her hard. She wrapped her legs around his slim waist and ran her fingers through his hair. She tugged and pulled his hair as she kissed him deep into his throat and gently nipped on his lips. They felt each other's breath and breathed in it. He wanted to engulf her in one big suction if he could. Instead, he pulled her tight with his arms crossed behind her back. He lifted her up, carried her all the way to the steps toward the bed.
  • He was stronger, she felt him carried her swiftly and easily as if she was weightless. His muscles tightened around her. They were breathless from locking their mouths together like they wanted to eat each other up. "God ... I miss you so much," he said under his breath. She unbuttoned her shirt and took it off on the way up. He unhooked her bra, buried his face between her breasts as he laid her on the bed. He stretched her arms up, she let out a long sigh. He unzipped her pants and pulled them down along with her lace panties. He remembered a box of condom that was stored in the night stand's drawer, and quickly grabbed one as he took off his boxers in one swift move.
  • She touched him. He was ready even before she was naked on the bed. She stroked him gently, put on the condom as she did. They locked eyes, he was starving for her. He was drunk in lust, in love and everything in between. He climbed on top of her. He charged her with a strong kiss and she felt him on her stomach. He ran his fingers between her thighs, she too was ready for him.
  • He kissed her breasts, pulled her nipples the way she always liked it. She let out a soft moan that heightened his desire for her. He was ready for the attack after being away from her for so long. "Sshh ... slow down tiger ... slow down ..." she whispered.
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