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Chapter 31 No Valentine For Tommy

  • He was looking at a picture of Charlie that he kept amongst his belongings. It started to warn out after a while, it was folded, tucked in places, sometimes crumpled, but he kept it. Jeremy often teased him because he caught him so many times while he was looking at it. It's been over five months since he kissed her goodbye, he hadn't been with her longer than he was with her. He spent Valentine's day tucked in his bed in Jeremy's flat, hiding away from the lustful city, pretending to be sick.
  • Everyone was out and about celebrating with friends and lovers. He was high on demand on Valentine's night, the women were lusting over him like little kids wanting their candies. He had to pass on Valentine's day bonus, tips and side money that he could've easily made just by showing up.
  • Maxine Roberts had been on his tail constantly. He managed to avoid her proposal the first time. His contract with Bradley had saved him from a sexual transaction he didn't want to get himself into. But he didn't know how much longer his body can match his will to stay celibate in that city.
  • From his brief encounter, he found out at least two things about Maxine Roberts. One, she was an avid sexplorer. Sex was her number one passion in life, movies only come in second. She explored sex with all sorts of people, men, women, boys, girls, whoever she wanted to get her hands on. She enjoyed watching other people doing it, sometimes she joined in. Sometimes she just wants to have a traditional one on one privately, whatever soothed her mood at the time. She even showed Tommy a preview of what her nights looked like in the limo, when she asked the girls to make out with each other while Tommy sat between them.
  • Two, Maxine Roberts, in one way or another, always gets what she wants. And that worries him. She gives equitable compensations to all her business partners, that was her term, the more extravagant her request, the bigger the trade. She said she hadn't quite figured out what Tom can provide for her, but then again, she still has a couple of months to figure that out. His contract will expire in April, and she has a new movie project that she thought would be perfect for Tom. It would be an offer he probably couldn't refuse.
  • That night in the limo was hard for him. He managed to keep his cool, but those two girls had woken him up as any man would, and he would've done something about it if they had been in that car a little longer. He felt guilty, he wasn't immune to seductions even though he fought hard to resist it. So he avoided it completely on Valentine's night.
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