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Chapter 12 Welcome To Gastonburry

  • She blazed inside him like a wildfire. He watched her naked body after every time they made love and dwelled in his thoughts. He studied every inch of her, she was his instrument, he was honing his craft. She shivered beneath his touches, and he wondered if it was another guy, would she lit up the way she did with him. Was it all just for him? These thoughts kept going around in his head like a mild obsession, and when she so much turned to look at him with her bedroom eyes and her dreamy smile, it was enough to drop him to his knees and he would hold her close in his arms and drown her with his deep passionate kiss. She was his, he wanted nothing more and nothing less.
  • Summer had finally arrived, she told him that she was leaving for Gastonburry with her dad for two weeks. He had made his own arrangements to go to Goldstone for some work and to meet up with Jeremy Stone, a guy he made friends with. Jeremy was a singer songwriter who was trying to make his way into the industry by playing gigs at the local bars in Goldstone. Tommy often stayed at his place whenever he visited Goldstone for work.
  • Charlie was already halfway to Gastonburry. It was a quiet ride as usual. Her father doesn't talk much, not to his children anyways. He was a man of few words. At work, with his businesses, he was a good communicator, but when it came to his children, he only delivered what he needed them to know. She was accustomed to the silence, no questions asked, it was always a nod or a 'yes' to whatever daddy had to say. He rarely asked them anything either, he only told them what to do, what to think and who to look up to. Apparently, lately he's been quite a fan of Landon Friedman himself.
  • The only thing he talked about on their ride to Gastonburry was how great Landon Friedman was, and how lucky she was to be able to be acquainted with such a 'fine young man'. The term was repeated much too often for her liking. He also told her to take the advantage to further expand her privileges in campus later using his influences and Landon's flawless reputation in the institution. Everything was always business with Bill Ludlow.
  • When they arrived at Gastonburry, they were greeted by Lloyd and Landon at the comfort of their summer home. A three story mansion in the exclusive area of the quiet city. Not a lot of people can afford the Gastonburry education, and thus the city was filled with high-end society. The fact that the Friedman's own a three story summer house in Gastonburry says a lot about them.
  • Bill and Lloyd didn't waste any time and went straight to the parlor to discuss their business. While Landon took her on a house tour to return the favor back at her home. He conveniently chose a bedroom across from his for Charlene to feel at home for the next two weeks. She asked to be excused for half an hour to freshen up and get settled in her room.
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