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Chapter 41 Happy Birthday Charlie

  • Ever since her father became Mayor, things were a little different around the house. Security guards followed him around, it wasn't necessary, it was protocol. They were always seen standing around his official car with nothing to do. The house had become a regular venue for the officials wives club every other week. And on her birthday, all the same people came as guests, which didn't feel so special to her anymore.
  • Landon came bearing gifts and mingled with her parents and their guests. She tried to avoid him by sitting with her friends and always finding a crowd whenever he tried to talk to her. She never wanted to be alone with him anymore.
  • He was at his best behavior. Charming, witty and engaged in smart conversations about finance, politics and world economy. All the boring stuff he always swayed the grownups with, until he asked her hand for the birthday dance, which she couldn't refuse given the circumstances.
  • "You look lovely tonight ... you've been avoiding me since I got here," he said to her with only inches away from each other.
  • "I have been avoiding you know exactly why," she replied straightforwardly.
  • He curved his lips in a half smile, "To be fair ... you were rude to me and I got angry ... I think that's understandable, you were angry too when I was rude to you," he was justifying his past behavior.
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