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Chapter 42 The Fight

  • He hadn't completely recovered from her words, 'It's over with him'. Something twisted in his stomach. He wanted more time with her. What happened? Did you break it off? Why? Do you know how much I still want you? She said she wanted to go to the screening with him, as friends? Can we go back to the way we were before? Can I kiss your mouth like the world is going to end?
  • How he long to touch her when she said it, but then she walked away, crossed the lawn and someone came out from inside the house. It was him. He was staying at the house? He stood there in the dark and watched them interact.
  • "What the hell were you doing outside with that guy? It's him isn't it?? The guy you were seeing last year?!" Landon was upset.
  • "It's none of your business, Landon," she dismissed him and walked past him.
  • He grabbed her arm. "Damn it, Charlene!! Is that why you wanted to break up with me? Because he's back in your life??" his eyes were filled with anger, he was jealous.
  • "No ... I wanted to break up with you because I don't feel the same way you do ... and because you're a brute, Landon ... you treat me like I'm less than you!" she tugged away her arm.
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