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Chapter 43 About Gastonburry

  • Bill Ludlow enjoys his coffee at the dining table every morning, with his wife serving him breakfast and the fresh news paper laid on the table for him. Catherine sat on the chair across from him, sipping her own cup of tea. She was exceptionally calm that morning. She had planned a plan of attack on her husband in regards to recent development about their daughter. She was holding herself from lashing out after hearing about his one sided decision in the engagement of her daughter and his business partner's son.
  • "It's awfully quiet this morning ... where is everybody? Are they all still asleep?" he asked.
  • "No ... everyone's away ... it's just us," she said calmly.
  • He put down his newspaper to peek at his wife, "Really? So early? Where did they go?"
  • Catherine put down her cup. "Charlotte's at her swimming lesson, Charlene went to her friend's house and Landon ... well ... I sent him home last night after he hit our daughter in a fight," she looked at her husband's face to see his reaction.
  • "What?? Is that what Charlene told you? He hit her?" he was half believing it.
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