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Chapter 35 Graduation Day

  • He kept himself busy, tried to stay away from places that he might inadvertently bumped into her. He stayed at the cabin most of the time, to be safe. She's with another, a hell of a lot better guy than him, with a shining future and the world to offer her. She would be better off with Landon than with a man-whore of Goldstone's Silver Tongue who's stripping his way to his dreams. She didn't even know about that yet, maybe it's better that she didn't know about it at all.
  • He couldn't stop picturing her with him. The image of her naked body on another man's lips, his hands all over her, caressing her, tickling her the way she loved to be tickled. Her lips enveloped in another man's mouth, his tongue tasting her. It was poisoning him. He had to get it out of his head. The only way he knew how to do that was through a razor blade, sliced his skin and let the blood drip out from his body, taking away the venom that was killing him inside. It was an urge he could no longer hold back, the stinging pain would take off his mind from those horrible images. He put a bandage on the lines he carved on the side of his abdomen, only to open it again and stroke deeper the next time.
  • He couldn't stay away from her graduation day, though, he came back home partly to see her graduating and her upcoming 18th birthday. He even had a gift prepared for her. He watched from afar, outside the school gates when they held the ceremony. She was seated among her friends in their togas and the brightest smiles of satisfaction.
  • Patiently, he waited for her turn to go up the stage and took her diploma. She shook hands with all her teachers and pose in the middle of the stage with a smile that took his breath away. As she climbed down the stairs, there he saw, for the first time, the guy whom she said 'I kissed him ... I slept with him' His heart stopped for a split second. 'That guy' finally had a face and a body. He was finally 'real'. He kissed her on her sweet soft lips and wrapped his arms around her waist. They walked towards her parents who were beaming to greet them.
  • He leaned on the hood of his Honda, a brand new car he bought in credit, it won't be paid in full for ten more months. He watched as they walked together like a happy family to the parking lot. For a moment, she noticed him and their eyes met. His inside was turning, she still does that to him. The guy also turned to see what she was looking at, so she looked away and walked on. They were walking towards a black Corvette, the best looking car in the parking lot. Tommy never took his eyes off her, she turned one last time before she entered the car. Her parents went into another car.
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