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Chapter 11 The Cabin In The Woods

  • It wasn't easy for a girl who was falling in love for the first time to not see the boy she dreamed of everyday. But that was often the case with Tommy. He was unreachable. The only way she could get to him was through his friends, if she happened to bump into them. Tommy wasn't finished with his cabin just yet, and she was not patient enough to wait around without hearing for him. She got into these mood swings and lost her appetite, thinking that Tommy was busy with other things while she can hardly function without seeing him.
  • After almost another week, she was determined to find him. She got the direction from Kelly when she met her at Mrs. Cooper's store, and she went there alone. The cabin wasn't too far into the woods, but there was no other building close to it. She walked into the area surrounded by the tall trees, the further she went, the more distant the sound of people and their activities were and the more silent it gets. She doubted herself for a moment, but then she kept going to the point where she felt angry at Tommy for making her walk alone and spooked by every rustling leaves blown by the wind. To make things worse, it started raining.
  • She picked up her pace, and started to jog, she was soaking wet by the time she arrived at the cabin. Tommy was covering his materials with tarp, and was rained down himself. He wasn't wearing a shirt and his jeans were already wet.
  • "Tommy!" she called out and startled him.
  • "Charlie?? What are you doing here?" he went over to her and pulled her out of the rain. They took the stairs up to the cabin and rested on the veranda. "Are you out of your mind? Did you walk here by yourself?" he rummaged through for a piece of cloth or an old blanket to cover her.
  • "I was waiting for you for days, but you never showed."
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