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Chapter 17 Home Sweet Home

  • Landon was right, yet again, she had a massive hangover the next day, she could barely get out of bed. When she didn't come down for breakfast, he knocked on her door to check if she was alright. She let his knock go unanswered. She packed her suitcase instead. She couldn't wait to go home the next day. He came knocking again after a while, she finally opened the door, gave him the cold shoulder.
  • "Water?" he lifted a big jug of water which she immediately grabbed from his hand.
  • "Thanks," she chugged it in.
  • "Are you okay?" he was being nice.
  • "No ... my head is about to explode, but thanks for asking," she closed the door on him.
  • He knew she remembered what he had tried to do the night before, thus her unfriendly gesture toward him. She avoided contact with everyone in the last two days she stayed there. She kept her goodbye short and cold, both to her dad and Landon.
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