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Chapter 25 Halloween Night

  • Halloween in Bluebridge is a big thing, it's bigger than Christmas. People decorated the trees along the pathways, front lawns were turned into creepy pumpkin fields. All the street lights were turned off, the only lights were coming from candles, torches and the stars. People turned on minimum lights in their houses so the essence of Halloween can be captured throughout the whole town. It was a tradition that's been passed on from generation to generation. Bluebridge turned into a murderous ghost town for one night, and Charlene loved it so much.
  • People from all ages walked down the pathways, those who were too scared usually stayed home and slept the night away with all the lights off. It's their way of passively participating, it was an unspoken commitment amongst the townspeople. Those who roamed the streets were all wearing costumes and Halloween make-up. The Town Hall was open for a gloomy party, no music, no lights, just scary illustration sounds, black lights, candles, Halloween food and beverages from everyone who donated to the party.
  • They played horror movies all night at the movie tent, other tents were built to be used for haunted house mazes. Psychic readings, spirit summoning, tarot card readings, all sorts of Halloween activities were held at the town hall compound. Charlene dressed as Wednesday Addams. Even with white powder on her face and expressionless face, she still looked beautiful. She used a braided black wig and a black dress, exactly like Wednesday and said, "I'm dressed as myself ... a psychopath," and laughed.
  • She dressed Landon as Gomez Addams, the easiest to do for a last minute costume. She put her dad's tuxedo on him, combed his hair all the way back and put a lot of gel on them. She drew a curly moustache above his upper lip and they were good to go. "There ... now you're my dad," she laughed again. They were out the door as soon as they finished dinner.
  • They get spooked all the way to Town Hall, some people even go as far as making fake heads and throw them on the lake to float, it looked so real they even had to look twice to be sure. Charlene was laughing out loud every time somebody or something came out from above the trees or from behind the bushes. She absolutely loves Halloween. They heard screams from other people who were startled, some were running, it was like the whole town turned into a giant haunted maze.
  • "This is amazing, I had no idea it was this fun here at Halloween ... I should come here every year," Landon said when they sat on the picnic bench at the Town Hall yard.
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