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Chapter 8 Predator And His Prey

  • Ekaterina continued to gaze at him and he did the same, both mesmerized by each other, though in completely different ways. Vadim had never believed in luck but he didn't know that it would play out with such an important role in his life. Here she was, straddled in his arms, gazing back into his beautiful green eyes, obviously captivated. He had been formerly wondering where he was supposed to begin looking for her but now he didn't have to because she was right here and he surely had great plans for her. He would make sure not to get her out of his sight, he would not let go this time, no matter what.
  • Just then, Ryan arrived, quickly intercepting the moment.
  • "Vadim, it's so good to see you here. Due to your busy schedule, I had my doubts that you would come but I'm so glad to see that you honoured my invitation." Ryan said all smiles as he approached Vadim who still had Ekaterina in his arms. Both broke apart as Ekaterina quickly tried to compose herself while Vadim casually shook hands with Ryan.
  • At her father's arrival, Ekaterina looked away feeling slightly uncomfortable. This engagement certainly wasn't going as planned at all. First, she found out that her fiance was a total creep and now her father had caught her in the arms of a strange man, totally smitten. She didn't know if things would get better but she could only hope that her father wouldn't take it out on her mother.
  • While Ekaterina contemplated the things that were going on, Vadim couldn't seem to take his eyes off of her. She was looking ravishing, yes, but he watched her keenly because he didn't want her to disappear again.
  • Ryan quickly noticed that Vadim was looking at Ekaterina and he smiled. "So I see you've met my daughter. Her name is Ekaterina, she's the lucky bride. The wedding is in three days and I hope you'll be able to attend it as well. She's looking beautiful, is she not?" Ryan dabbled, seemingly seeking Vadim's favour.
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