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Chapter 4 The Deal

  • Chapter 4
  • Vadim thankfully regained his senses in the nick of time and managed to calm the raging beast within him. He quickly let go of her and she fell to the floor, coughing seriously and trying to regain her breath, more tears pouring down her cheeks.
  • Vadim mentally kicked himself for going a bit too far and wondered if he should apologize but he decided not to. She was the cause of her own problems, if she would only curtail that annoying attitude of hers then he would at least be able to control his anger. There was one good thing from what he had just done though, he was sure that he had been able to instil some fear in her and that would come in handy when convincing her to stay.
  • Vadim bent down and gripped her wrist firmly, forcing her to stand up and not caring if he was leaving angry red bruises on her skin.
  • Ekaterina was scared out of her mind by what he had just done so she didn't struggle, she instead tried to plead with him to be gentle. "Ugh! Stop! Please……. Please stop, you're hurting me." She pleaded as more tears poured down her cheeks.
  • "What in the world gives you the right to reject me like that?" He asked gruffly, his face holding an unreadable expression.
  • Ekaterina was quickly becoming very scared of this man in front of her. She had gone ahead and rejected him, breaking the mate bond with the belief that that would force him to let her go but her actions only seemed to have backfired, nearly getting her killed. After what had just happened, she was too scared to speak, fearing that she might say the wrong thing and he would hurt her again so she refrained from saying anything.
  • But sadly, there was nothing Vadim hated more than not getting an answer when he asked a question. Ekaterina's behavior was beginning to really piss him off but he tried his best to hold back his anger and not do anything drastic.
  • "I asked you a question, Ekaterina and I need an answer now." Vadim demanded harshly and Ekaterina felt herself shiver slightly in fear.
  • "Well, I….. I.….. I don't want to stay here with you and you didn't want to let me go willingly so I…... rejected you so that you wouldn't have an excuse to keep me here. I'm sorry if I upset you but please just let me go, I beg of you." She pleaded tearfully.
  • The sight of her tears only irritated him further. He hated weak women, he hated it when women tried to use their tears to get themselves out of difficult situations and he certainly wouldn't fall for it. She was going to stay with him in this Pack whether she liked it or not and during her stay here, he would just have to toughen her up.
  • He decided to concentrate on the current problem at hand, she had been smart enough to reject him and since she was the Scarlet Wolf, he couldn't let her go. He had to come up with a plan, a compromise or just something that would compel her to stay.
  • "It was very foolish of you to have the audacity to reject the Alpha, I won't let our mate bond be broken so easily and that's a promise I'm making to you. Even after rejecting me, I can still keep you with me forcefully and force you to become my Luna against your will. Is that what you want?" He asked tautly and she shook her head no.
  • "Good. You're lucky I'm not as ruthless as the past Alphas, I'm not one to force a woman into a relationship and so I'm willing to give you a choice. It's an ultimatum really and it'll be best for you if you agree to it or I'll just have to keep you with me forcefully." He said and waited for her response, she just nodded once more.
  • He grabbed her chin and raised it, forcing her blue eyes to look directly into his emerald ones. "I'm going to make you a deal. I won't punish you for rejecting me but instead I'll give you a choice in the matter. You're going to be living with me here in this palace for ninety days and I'll make sure to make you fall in love with me within those ninety days. You're going to be the one to come to me, professing your love and pleading with me to make you mine. To touch you, mate with you, kiss you, fondle and fuck you. You'll beg me to feel the depths of your skin." Vadim said softly, not taking his eyes off of hers and not letting her look away either.
  • Ekaterina swallowed a lump in her throat as she tried hard not to let his words cause goosebumps to override her skin. His words were stimulating and exciting in a way but she would make sure not to fall for them.
  • "But what if I don't fall for you, will you let me go then?" She asked, the words coming out much more confidently than she had intended. A smile lit his face and the sight of his pearly white teeth almost made her want to smile too. Almost.
  • "You should know that that's completely impossible, no woman can resist me." He boasted.
  • "Well that's shocking, given the fact that I not only just resisted you but I rejected you as well." Ekaterina muttered to herself but Vadim heard it, she didn't know that he had really good hearing. All werewolves did.
  • "What did you say?" He questioned sharply.
  • "N... Nothing. I said nothing." She denied and though her words annoyed him, he decided not to drag it too much but rather give her a warning.
  • "Don't ever repeat that again or I'll personally punish you." He warned and she nodded obediently but looked down.
  • "I want you to always look at me when I talk to you." He demanded and her eyes returned to his.
  • "I'm a man of my words and there's always two sides to a deal. In the event that I fail to make you fall in love with me during the stipulated period, I promise that I'll personally return you back home. I'll never contact you and I'll make sure you never see my face ever again." Vadim said in a dead serious tone.
  • He was inwardly satisfied that he had manipulated her into accepting this deal which would be a win for him whether she fell in love with him or not. Falling in love with him would rather be a huge loss for her because he was going to reject her at the end of the day because he would make sure to seduce her and take her power before the ninety days elapsed.
  • Ekaterina tried to figure out why her feelings were all over the place. She was supposed to feel happy, glad in fact that she would return home in three months because she would make sure not to let herself fall for his charms.
  • She was supposed to be happy that she would be granted the opportunity to return home to her mother, for her life to go back to normal, well at least something resembling normalcy. She tried to figure out why she was feeling afraid. Was it because she was afraid that by the time she returned home in three months, everything would already be over? What if her mother was already dead by then and Rodion tried to take revenge on her for running away a few days before their wedding? Or was she scared of the fact that she might actually fall for this hunk of a man in front of her and put herself first for once? She couldn't tell where the fear was springing from but she certainly didn't like it.
  • She tried to question herself about the reason why she was feeling like that but she found no answers. Vadim noticed that she was distracted and brought her back to the present by softly pinching her cheek.
  • "What are you daydreaming about? Were you even listening to everything that I said?" He questioned.
  • "Yes, I heard everything you said and I gladly accept your deal but you shouldn't be so confident. You should also start preparing to take me back home soon because there's no way in the world that you could make me fall for you." She said, trying her best to sound confident.
  • She couldn't fall for him at all costs, her mother's life depended on it. Vadim smirked slyly at the challenge, he always loved a good challenge.
  • "We'll just have to see about that." Vadim chirped and before Ekaterina had time to guess what he was talking about, he stole her lips in a hot kiss. She was left paralyzed by his actions, she could neither kiss back nor push him away, she just stared wide eyed and felt the sweet taste of his lips on hers.
  • He quickly broke the kiss and looked at her one more time before letting go of her and leaving the room without another word.
  • Ekaterina was still left in shock as she touched her lips softly and tried not to blush, whether Vadim knew it or not, he had just casually stolen her first kiss. Whether he claimed her to be his mate or not, she was engaged and even if it was an arranged marriage, she still had duties to her fiance and as a cultured girl, she knew that letting someone else kiss her was nothing less than cheating.
  • She was no fool, she knew that Rodion still messed around with girls even during their engagement but just because he was cheating didn't mean she had to do the same. What made her feel worse about the kiss was the fact that she had liked it. Yes, she had liked the way Vadim kissed her because it made her feel sparks and a tickling sensation in her lower belly.
  • She walked back to the bed and plopped on it tiredly. As she gazed all around the huge room, she tried to remember how her life had managed to turn out like this.