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Chapter 3 Rejecting The Alpha

  • Chapter 3
  • "What are you doing? Put some clothes on!" Ekaterina yelped, her back turned to him and her cheeks tinted red.
  • Vadim sighed and rolled his eyes tiredly. Wasn't she the same one who wanted to see solid evidence? And besides, why was she overreacting as if she hadn't seen a naked man before?
  • "I just had to prove to you that I was telling the truth but now I think you believe me, right? Or do you need more evidence to convince you?" Vadim asked, at the edge of his patience and Ekaterina shook her head vigorously, her back still turned to him.
  • "Nope. I don't need any further evidence, I believe you now but please put some clothes on if you really want to talk." She demanded and Vadim complied.
  • He transformed to his werewolf form and left the room, going back to the restroom to get dressed before returning back to the room a few minutes later, fully clad and looking handsome as ever.
  • "You can turn around now." He ordered and she took a deep breath before turning around slowly. "Are you really that shy? Cause if you are, I can't say how much fun teasing you will be." He said with a smirk and she glared at him.
  • "Enough about that now. We need to talk about why I'm here and how you're gonna return me back to my home." She demanded, arms akimbo.
  • "Hold on a second, I just proved to you that I'm a werewolf and I'm the Alpha of this pack, you're my mate so that makes you the future Luna of the pack." He said and her face formed in a sarcastic smile.
  • "I know that finding out that werewolves do exist and are not just a myth or people's imagination is shocking and quite the discovery but I think I'm over it now. As for being your mate and stuff, I'm really not interested. I have a life to live and I'm sorry but you can't be a part of it. I'm getting married in three days and I have to be there at the wedding or there might be serious consequences. I'm only going to marry Rodion and no one else. You're my father's business partner so I'm sure you should know about what is actually happening in my family. If I don't marry Rodion, my mother's life will be at stake and I can't let that happen. You're the Alpha, you're powerful and have the looks, I'm sure you can easily find yourself another mate." Ekaterina tried to reason with him, she really needed to leave this place soon. Her words made Vadim very angry and his hands clenched into fists. He would just have to exercise patience. Good things only come to those who wait.
  • 'She is not ready to accept us. We have to convince her, we just have to if we wish to succeed' His wolf resonated within him.
  • "Ekaterina you don't seem to understand, do you? My world is not like your world where we can just choose anyone we please, we are mated from birth by the moon goddess herself and when we reach the appropriate age, our inner wolf leads us to our mate. You really may not understand it because you've lived your whole life as human but we have a strong bond." Vadim tried to explain, hoping she would fall for his words but Ekaterina was ready to hear none of it.
  • "Look, I don't fucking care how the world of werewolves work, all I care about is going back home, where I belong. Everyone must be so worried sick about me, especially my mum. Please just let me go, if you care about me so much then just let me go." Ekaterina began angrily but soon had to resort to pleading.
  • "I'm sorry but I can't, you belong here with me. By my side, as my Luna. I've told you that we have a mating bond , so I can't just let you go." Vadim maintained. This woman was seriously testing the limits of his patience. She was lucky that she was the goddess's chosen or else he would have taught her a proper lesson.
  • "So what am I supposed to do? Forget about my family? My career? My mother? My wedding and everything else that I love, just to stay here with you just because you're the Alpha and you claim that we're mates?" Ekaterina asked, tears in her eyes. This was just so unfair to her. How had she suddenly been caught up in such a dilemma? As if her life wasn't already hard enough. She wondered why she was just so unfortunate.
  • It had been just a few hours that she was in her engagement, trying to be happy not because of the fact that she was going to get married soon but due to the fact that her marriage would compensate for all the suffering that her mother had gone through.
  • Her father had promised that as soon as she married Rodion, the senator's son, her mother would get the best treatment and be taken care of for the rest of her life. So despite the fact that she was being forced to marry a man that she didn't love who was also born a national casanova, she was content that her mother would be happy. She was always ready to put her family's happiness above her own and everything seemed to be working out but this man had managed to take everything away from her in the blink of an eye. Worse of all, he was going to force her to live with him against her will.
  • "Please don't cry, I also feel hurt when you cry." He tried to pacify her but he was inwardly disgusted by her behavior. He wondered if he would be able to pull this off.
  • "Stop pretending as if you care. Cause if you really did, you'd let me go by now." Ekaterina said, wiping away her tears.
  • "I know it's going to be hard for you but you'll learn to love it here in due time and you'll learn to love me too." Vadim said before turning to leave.
  • "You just have to." He muttered under his breath before heading towards the door. He reasoned it would be good to give her some time alone, so she would be able to think over and digest the situation. He also needed to be away from her for the moment, in order not to say the wrong thing in his anger.
  • He was only going to be patient with her for the time being because she was after all the Scarlet wolf and he needed her. He just hoped that he would be able to get her to succumb to him soon because there was only so long he could pretend.
  • "Wait!" The sound of her voice stopped him in his tracks, he turned back instantly.
  • "Is there anything you need? If you need anything, there'll be a maid just outside your room to take your order and satisfy your every need." He informed her with a small smile that was too fake for his own liking.
  • "Thanks but I don't need anything because I won't be staying here." She retained stubbornly and he sighed. He could never have imagined that he would have a hybrid as a mate, it was very unusual and rarely happened. He had only accepted her because she was the Scarlet Wolf and there was so much he could gain from her. He didn't even intend to keep her.
  • As if that wasn't enough,she was being so stubborn and refusing to accept something so simple.
  • "I have a question. In the books I've read, the Alpha has the ability to reject his mate and break the mate bond. Does that really happen?" She asked and he couldn't help but wonder why she would ask such a question at a time like this.
  • "Yes. The Alpha has the ability to reject his mate and break the mate bond. But why are you asking this question?" Vadim answered her question and then asked his own
  • "After the mate bond is broken, does it mean that the two people are no longer mates and they don't have to come together? That is, can they go their separate ways then?" Ekaterina questioned, a plan quickly formulating in her mind.
  • "Yes but why are you asking these types of questions? What are you thinking?" Vadim asked, beginning to get scared of what she might ask next. She seemed to have a mind of her own.
  • "Well then, Alpha Vadim Alexei Levin, I, Ekaterina Moore, reject you as my mate and Alpha and therefore break the mate bond that binds us together." Ekaterina dropped the bombshell and Vadim couldn't hide his shock and horror as his nails dug into his palm in anger and his eyes were about to change color, signaling that he was about to transform. His inner wolf was raging within him. How dare she, a mere hybrid, reject him, Vadim, the all powerful Alpha? This was certainly unacceptable. He would make sure to put her in her place.
  • The shock was so great that he could hardly even overcome it, he would surely be the laughing stock of the whole pack. Imagine it, the Alpha rejected by his mate. It was totally unheard of and he certainly wouldn't let it happen, he couldn't let it happen. Not only was his pride at stake, he just couldn't let this bitch go at all cost because he needed to steal her powers.
  • He quickly lunged at her, his hand grabbing her neck forcefully as he pushed her body against the wall, strangling her.
  • She coughed and looked at his eyes that had turned terrifyingly dark and unforgiving, she tried to plead with him to stop, tears pouring down her cheeks as she fought for dear life.
  • Was this truly the end?